About Us

Neniko was founded in 1992 by Ljubisha Zlatevski and Nebojsha Zlatevski. Neniko in the beginning started with production of multiple kinds of juices.

The company started with only 2 employees with a goal to make products with a perfect design and a high quality. The placement of the production from the period of 1992 to 2005 was within the territory of Macedonia. From 2010, we are specialized in the production of energy drinks that are distributed on the domestic and foreign markets. Today Neniko has 30 employees and it is in the top 100 export companies for 2011, 2012 and 2013.

The whole labor in the past years has been built with reliable quality and full commitment to every single product that is represented by us. All raw materials that make up the energy drinks will be produced by the best manufacturers of the same, in coordination with you and agreeing on standardization of continuous quality. Our company represents our and private brands of energy drinks. We are constantly improving our production process, we improve the safety of our employees and we optimize the whole process of the production.

Referring to the basic principles of the circular economy and eco-design, our packaging is made to be easily recycled. Neniko is a company where the buyer is always the priority.
  1. The company was founded in 1992
  2. In 2005 beside the juices the company started with production of energy drinks
  3. In 2006 the company started with export in foreign countries of Europe
  4. In 2010, due to high demand and export growth, Neniko was reconstructed only for the production and sale of energy drinks
  5. For 2011, 2012 and 2013 Neniko was in the top 100 export companies
  6. Construction of the new plant was finished in 2017 and Neniko became a large factory with all the standards and qualities
  7. In 2020 we work on a plan to represent our products in Africa